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Welcome to Max Young's Contract Law Tutorials


These interactive tutorials are designed to show you how to approach problem based questions. The tutorials will teach you how to analyse a typical contract-law problem.


The way you analyse a problem is to read the problem through first.


Once you have read the problem you must split the problem into its component parts.


Its component parts are those parts of the question that are either relevant or irrelevant.


This means that you must consider every part of the question.


You'll find that some parts of the question are relevant, some are irrelevant.


In order to ascertain which are which you must go through the question step by step splitting the question into relevant and irrelevant parts.


In order to do this return to the start of the problem.


First look at the first few words that start the problem.


Choose the smallest group of words that is either relevant or irrelevant.


To see this type of analysis in action proceed to the Chemist tutorial.